Our company has been active in the manufacturing of lenk proof materials since 1976 in its 2000 square meters of covered area and in two separate moulding houses specialised in rubber and metal products with all kinds of moulds and manufactured products, in support of the research & development and the laboratory deparmaents.The annual production capacity has reached to 750.000 pieces cylinder cover gaskets, 500.000 pieces gaskets sets and felt gaskets at the equal quantities the valve rubbers parts for the other sectors.

While serving to its customers with the sale of raw materials, whichour company also uses in its production, like NBR, EPDM, EPM, VSI, FMQ, ACM and FKM, it reserved excess productions capacity of its moulding houses and machinery line to the custom production of the industry.the company increases its exports gradually with the computer aided stock control, warehousing system and marketing organisation.

We thank our friends and customers who have not whithheld their support to and interest in our company.